Smart Spaces - OKC A Bravas Affiliate

Company Description

At Smart Spaces, we have dedicated ourselves to simplifying lives. Our objective is to take  the  complexity  out  of  home  automation  and  put  the  beauty  back  in.  We  also  believe  that  your  experience  doesn’t  end  once  we  have  finished  installing  your  systems.  We  want  our  clients  to  be  completely  comfortable  with  every system  we  install  and know we are there to address any questions or concerns right away. As one of the  nation’s  leading  providers  of  custom  home  technology  solutions,  our  support  approach and technology helpdesk is designed exclusively for the luxury residential market.  Working in over 3,500 homes a year, Smart Spaces has more experience and great resources to dedicate to making your home and experience the best it can be.

Our state of the art showroom and experience center has been created so that we can better assist our clients in understanding the wide varieties of products and technologies available.  Please reach out to us to schedule a visit!


Lighting, Electrical

  • Landscape Lighting

Outdoor Living

  • Awnings & Motorized Shades
  • Lighting
  • Screens

Technology Services

  • Audio - Video
  • Computers & Networking
  • Internet & Networking Contractors
  • Low Voltage Contractors
  • Multimedia Contractors
  • Television