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Welcome to TimberSIPS Building Systems LLC

For *SIPS Inquiries, Estimates, Orders, Information about *Structural Insulated Panels (*SIPS):

Please contact Earl Burden: Phone: 918-633-9964, Email: earl@timbersips.com

What We Sell…SIPS* Done Right” *

We sell *Structural Insulated Panel (*SIPS), complete structural and enclosure
packages for residential single-family homes, multi-family residential buildings, senior
living residential complexes, apartment and condo complexes, all other buildings
including commercial buildings such as strip malls, multi-story hotels, motels,
restaurants, retail complexes, etc.

These *SIPS packages completely replace conventional stick frame and truss
construction with cut to fit, ready to assemble wall and roof panels that provide a
completely insulated and sealed enclosure. The 
*SIPS Structure is completely ready for all finishes in less than ½ the time, for over 50% savings in labor, 20% to 40% savings in Lumber, and other significant advantages for the Builder and Building/Home owners.  (See below)

What are *SIPS? (Structural Insulated Panels)*

  1. *SIPS are prefabricated wall and roof segments that join together to completely
    enclose the home walls and roof instead of using studs, sheeting, insulation and
    roof trusses as in conventional stick frame construction.
  2. *SIPS are laminated panels of solid sheets Expanded Polystyrene solid foam insulation with OSB wood panels, or Plywood glued permanently to each side of the foam.
  3. *SIPS (segments) are pre-cut to exactly fit the home from a master panel (size 8 feet x 24 feet) to fit any set of regular house plans.  (cut on a CNC computer-controlled machine to precise, designed drawing dimensions)

Why Build with *SIPS?-Builder Benefits*

  • Framing, Sheathing, Insulation, and Sealing, all in one step
  • Cut to Exactly fit any plan- ready to assemble!
  • Quick DRY-IN-1-2+ Weeks
  • Save 55% on Labor vs. Stick Frame
  • Glue Gun/Nail Gun are the primary skills, with Panel Segments numbered
    to the drawing for easy identification and proper placement.
  • Less Supervision of Crew Required
  • Almost No Job Waste- Most waste taken in the factory
  • Differentiate Your Business-to homeowners that want high
    value/performance on energy savings and lower ownership costs
  • More homes finished per year—
  • Green-Built!

            Why your customers will buy *SIPS?

  • 50%-70% Home Energy Savings
  • More Comfortable, Healthier Home
  • Better (controlled) Indoor Air Quality
  • Spacious, Open, Flexible Floor Plan               
  • Soaring Spaces, Naturally Vaulted
  • Timber Beams are easy if desired
  • High end, Rich, Dramatic Look
  • Shorter build time, interest savings
  • Better Performance in Wind & Fire
  • No VOC’s or CFC blowing agents

          Other *SIPS Advantages for Builder:

  • Eliminate environmental issues/delays/costs
  • Easier to achieve 2012-2015 IECC (Energy Code)
  • Added value to sell to the customer
  • Low Job Waste-Most waste taken in the factory
  • 20–40% less Lumber!
  • Less Management Attention to Structure & Related Coordination!
  • Differentiate Your Business with Higher Value-Added Building/home for your customer.

*SIPS panels you purchase MUST meet the basic specifications below, that are critical
to the Buyer/Contractor for meeting all codes, and achieving the lowest cost installed, compared
with all other 
*SIPS products available in the industry.

Our most important product is a completely satisfied Builder and Building/Home owners


Key Selection Criteria for “SIPS* Done Right” *which is What We Sell!! (Highest quality/lowest cost)

*Compare any other *SIPS companies of interest  on these points to avoid performance liabilities and higher total cost installed.

  • *Single-layer production process-*one at a time, *automated  (Critical-avoid
    multiple layer stack process)
  • *Method and precision of cutting to fit-*Must be completely automated,  each
    piece cut to exactly fit on CNC cutting machine for lowest cost installed at
    the job site
  • Window and door openings cut to fit window and door Manufacturer’s
    rough opening at the factory
  • Jobsite Advisory service available for worker training and installation
  • Company should be an Industry Technology leader with Single Layer; Automated cut to exactly fit
  • Complete Dimensional/Install Details provided  in a Construction Details Manual
  • Complete Color-Coded and Laminated Assembly Drawings with Joinery Cross Sections for Easy, Efficient  Assembly
  • Company’s *SIP Product must be designed, engineered and tested by a 3rd party company who also provides complete design tables and engineering data, based on product performance testing and calibration for safety in use…..with certified samples tested as required.

ALL SIPS are NOT created Equal – (Not a commodity product)

*See above items critical to “SIPS Done Right” and your SAFE Satisfaction!

For *SIPS Inquiries, Estimates, Orders, Other information about Structural Insulated Panels (SIPS):

Please contact Earl Burden:  Phone: 918-633-9964, Email:: earl@timbersips.com

Basic, Key Features of “SIPS Done Right” *….A Typical Ready-to-Assemble Package

  1. *SIPS are glued, assembled, and properly laminated in a completely automated,
    ONE PANEL-AT-A-TIME manufacturing system creating an 8’ x 24’ master
    panel; with the only automated SIPS process in the industry.
  2. Master panel and individual segments are protected against future de-lamination
    by the automated process, a rigid quality control program with sampling testing
    and a 3rd party engineering code report.
  3. The individual panel segments for the building are designed in CAD and cut from
    the 8x24 master panel using an automated, CNC (computer-controlled) cutting
    machine to cut each individual piece to match  the design drawing with a
    tolerance of 1/16” or as specified, for normally no cutting in the field (assumes

    completely level, square, plumb foundation)
  4. All window and door rough openings are precisely cut to fit customer chosen
    windows & doors according to panel drawings
  5. Headers (if applicable) are premade and designed specifically for each opening.
  6. Electrical chases at 17 ½ “ and 44” off bottom of panel and 2 ‘ from edge of panel vertically
  7. Extra chases are installed around doors for ease of wiring. Special chases to be
    noted on panel drawings by contractor or owner
  8. All assembly materials are included for proper assembly and installation of the SIPS including the following Items:
  9. Insulated box splines for connection of each panel instead of 2x6 / 2x8 lumber
    splines that lose energy and have poor connection strength
  10. Fasteners to stitch panels together are 1 ½” BTX screws, 8D Nails or staples
  11. Includes miscellaneous material to construct panels such as panel screws, SIPS
    tape for interior seams & low VOC panel sealant
  12. All wood joinery lumber, milled from premium grade material to exactly fit the
    edges and intersections of panels for a minimum of job site labor; no shape or
    other cutting except to length as required for sill plate, top plate, corners,
    openings, and top trimmed shim plates and block splines.
  13. Laminated color-coded, assembly drawings, clear and easy assembly
  14. A few special tools are offered with proper instructions and procedures for use.
  15. Technical Support-Complete Technical Information Links

          a. Construction Details Manual-from Basic Planning to all joinery drawings and details
          b. Web-based training videos for orientation and training of crew for optimum install efficiency
          c. Consulting on Project Pre-Planning and Job Site Management
          d.  Questions and Answer from the Job site     

*References to *SIPS in this Information assumes/applies ONLY to *SIPS properly laminated and processed one-at-a-time with CNC automation.  


 Special Timber Framing options for Full and Hybrid Timber Framing

(with *SIPS Enclosure System for Wall and Roof)

For *SIPS Inquiries, Estimates, Orders, Other information about Structural Insulated Panels (*SIPS):

(Timber Framing Available)

Please contact Earl Burden:  Phone: 918-633-9964, Email: earl@timbersips.com



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