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RealTime Layout Solutions / MeasureRight is a company dedicated to providing the ultimate in-home measurement service. We have been measuring homes and commercial properties for more than 16 years and commercial buildings for over twenty years. We measure both commercial and residential with a class 2 Laser set to measure to 1/32”. In commercial work, we put the measurements into Architectural AutoCAD and add doors, windows, countertops, etc. into the drawing.  In residential work, we Bluetooth the measurement directly into a CAD program in a hardened tablet computer we carry with us when measuring residential work.  For first floors, we measure the outside of the house then put the garage into the drawing. We then separate the house walls from garage walls and have the computer CAD program to calculate the square footage of the house under central heat and air. On second floors, we put anywhere from there quarters to all the internal walls into the drawing to ensure that we are placing external walls where they really belong from room to room. When finished with the drawing, we take out the internal walls and have the computer calculate the internal square footage of the second floor. Finally, we calculate the linear square footage around the second floor and multiply by a common wall thickness to give us the square footage of a wall around the second-floor and add that to the internal square footage giving us the total square footage of the second floor under central heat and air. We also give you the second floor initial drawing to give to an appraiser along with the completed drawing(s) of the first and second floors.  Builders receive the drawings with 24 hours of the completed drawings of the property. There simply is not a more accurate way of measuring a residential property!

Our prices are very reasonable, and our timeframe for measuring a house is usually less than a week. There simply is not a more accurate way of measuring a residential house. Why take the chance of leaving money on the table by reporting less square footage than you actually have in the house? The reverse is reporting more square footage than you actually have in the home and having to renegotiate the contract for a buyer or losing the contract all together after an appraiser finds less square footage than you reported?

The cost is so low, less than two or three square feet of the square footage cost on average, that it just doesn’t pay not to have the house measured before you list it! You can go to our website and read the opening page and then click on the “read more” in the residential box at the bottom of the opening page to find more information, the cost calculations for measuring residential homes and examples of single and multi-level homes measured.


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